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Grey Beard Media, introduce ourselves as one of the most successful and competent creators of expert TV commercials, Theatrical ads, Promotional videos, Corporate films, Short films, documentaries for some of largest brands and companies. We take care of the end to end production from idealistic concept generation, through all stages of production and post-production. We flinched into the bird market of the giant advertising in the year 2012 at Coimbatore. At Grey Beard Media, we believe the highest quality work is created in an environment where our clients gets completely contented. With some of the top creative talents and best technologies, we deliver outstanding output to clients sourcing them a good reputation with us.


Our Team


Avis Immanuel

Founder, Grey Beard media. Editor in profession.

Hail from Coimbatore, Viscomite. Party and fun is part and parcel of his life. Always wanted to travel. Works a lot, Technically sound person. Passionate on watching movies and wanting to do movies. Always loves to deliver a product with at-most difference. Very sincere in bring a smile to the client and treat him a party always. Bit serious at work, but he doesn't look serious. He has received The Best Editor award in the Nalaya Iyakunar Season - 4.



Creative Director.

Instant idea generator, Concept Machine and a good mate. Very active wen it comes to delivering a product. Thirst of making films, wants to do some creative work always.


Udhayakumar Thangavel


This 6 feet tall man is an exquisite visualizer. His attitude is so sharp as his lensing. Jolly dolly guys. You work with him once, You work forever. When it comes to work you can see how hard he works, a workaholic. A party animal only after the shoots finishes. Have done lot of commercial, Product presentations, promos and started to show his face in to more filmy.


Vendhan Rathinam


Yes! By seeing him, you will feel he is a kinda serious guy. He is at passion for making films, dedicated, sincere & Keen in want he wants. We are waiting for him to see laurels - Winner of Nalaya iyakunar Season - 4. Lovable and innovative. One of the directors for Grey Beard Media.



Grey Beard media.


Manager of Sales

Called as Kabi, Sincere hard worker, always on his own stats. He always finishes his target on time. Good to have him in our team.

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